iWeekend 创业周末注册报名火热启动 / iWeekend is taking off!

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4月份iWeekend活动报名已经火热启动了(什么是iWeekend?) 不论您是蠢蠢欲动,对于开创自己已经事业摩拳擦掌的抑或是对现状毫无激情的工作没有激情,对创业充满兴趣的上班族 iWeekend都欢迎您的到来


如果您想了解更多关于iWeekend的信息或者认识一些对创业同样有兴趣的朋友或者就是度过美好的一晚,喝喝酒、认识些可爱的都市年轻人iWeekend为大家准备了这次IT创业爱好者这件的聚会届时我们会邀请两位资深IT企业家Steven Wang、Curt Shi和大家分享创业的点点滴滴 地点: Nearby the tree 时间: 本周四,晚上7点钟



了解我们/报名:iWeekend活动介绍及报名表 现场还有资深互联网企业家嘉宾亲临指导 手把手教你如何“从无到有”——iWeekend企业家导师介绍 有些事情,你不尝试,永远不知道会怎样——比如创业 :D 有问题请咨询:QQ:1961563084(iWeekend) 新浪微博:iweekendbj 请积极转发

iWeekend is taking off!

We officially announce that registrations are open for iWeekend! The weekend for entrepreneurs to join and go from thought to action is right around the corner. If you want to know what iWeekend is, please check our official website. The iWeekend event will be held from April 15 to 17, this is the registration form.

Come join us in Nearby the Tree

Wait! There is more! If you are interested in knowing more about the event and connect with the entrepreneurial community, or just enjoying a few beers, come to our gathering in Neaby the Tree. Two entrepreneurs will be speaking at the event: Steven Wang and Curt Shi to share the experience. The event will be held in the restaurant “Nearby the Tree” in Sanlitun on March 24th (this Thursday) at 7PM

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